To save

December 16th, 2009

When I arrived home from surgery on 12 December, my heart was overflowing with peace and joy. The Healer God had blessed me with a successful procedure. I sat at my keyboard to bless Him for His goodness to me and a new song flowed to honour the One who came to save!

In this season of the approaching celebration of Christmas and Jesus’ coming into the world to live among those He created, there is an awe and wonder about the Gift of Love that God delivered on that first Christmas Day. As I celebrated the peace and joy that God had imparted to me through the healing surgery, I imagined what it would have been like to have been one of the shepherds or one of the wise men who visited the Christ child to honour the coming of the Saviour.

There in a humble stable, the King of the universe was born – poor in appearance despite the riches of His kingdom, and dependent on His earthly parents and the heavenly angels as He encountered life with us in a largely hostile world that mostly did not recognise Him. There, an infant in a manger was destined to take on the greatest mission of all time – to obediently go to the cross and die in the place of every person that has or ever will live!

So, in this season of Christmas, we honour the Child King, Jesus, the One who came to save. These lyrics express a sense of holiness, awe and wonder about the first Christmas!

The Saviour is holy
The Saviour is love
This Christmastime we worship
The Child King, our Lord, our God

The highest mountain and the deepest sea
Resound with praise, “The King is here!”
The Light has come to the world
Has come to give His life for all

The One whose hands made every star
His breath of life in everyone
The Prince of Peace we honour
The Child King, the One who came to save

© 2009 Brenton Honeyman / Streams of Worship

The lead sheet PDF, the lyrics TXT file and the MP3 file of this song will be available later.